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WAITLIST | Next edition: JUNE 2024

The quickest, most transformative way to set the ground for your brand.

👇🏼Discover what's included for €129.00 👇🏼

Little by little, I designed a lifestyle that fits me.-12.png
Little by little, I designed a lifestyle that fits me..png

WAITLIST | Next edition: JUNE 2024

Little by little, I designed a lifestyle that fits me.-23.png


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WAITLIST | Next edition: JUNE 2024

  • How many followers does my account need?
    This program works best with accounts from 0-1000 followers.
  • Do I get to talk to you?
    Of course! We will talk via DM on Instagram. You share your situation, and we solve it together. Expect motivating messages, self-confidence boost, and lots of messages & audios!
  • Is this program for personal brands, or for commercial brands?
    It's for both! The program has been purposefully created to serve personal brands as well as commercial brands.
  • What can we do together?
    Here are a few examples of what we've done with other clients: - Reviewing their portfolio & giving feedback. - Improving their bio, hashtag game, and keywords. - Creating their first Reel/TikTok, giving feedback on it, and get it ready to post! - Advice on how to sell organically through content. - How to set up link in bio for maximum conversion. - Best tools to create content. - Brand archetypes and how to speak to your audience in captions, using brand strategy techniques. - ... and much more!
  • What do I need to start?
    Just your laptop and internet connection. Be ready for an energy boost (!!!)
  • What's the price?
    €129,00 for the entire week!
  • Can I register if I live abroad?
    Registrations are open for every country. The group call will happen at a time that works for everyone. No need to worry! I got you. Just for reference, in our previous call, we connected from India, US, Germany and Indonesia. We made it happen!
  • Can I register more than once?
    Of course! I will coach you on your progress. My system is in place for more than one week. Meaning, if you sign up for your second Brand Coaching Week, I will be sending you new prompts and q&a according to your level.
  • I'm in! When do we start?
    Sign up on the waitlist to receive more information on upcoming editions.
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